Akiba Girls
Akiba-kei Kanojo

Genre: Hentai.
Year: 2004
Episodes: 2

The main character, Shindo Nikita, who entered the college this year, had a secret. He really loved the Akiba culture, including hentai games. He liked it so much as to think of Akihabara as the Capital of Japan. Therefore, he had been destined to join the “The Second General Knowledge Explore Club”. Then, another fateful encounter appeared in front of him. To be surprised, he met Aoi Ren whom he’d admired. However, he couldn’t get along with a real person. But he noticed, “I got it... I should make her to take to Akiba culture”.

Using Akihabara as a background, the sweet and sexual love story begins.

* Akiba is short for Akihabara, which locates in Tokyo. It used to be a town of electrical/computer shops, but it is rapidly changing its shape into a town of mania. At the place where there was a computer shop, there stands an anime shop or doujinshi (fan made book) shop.
Akiba Girls Episode 1

239MB 0:30:03 uncensored jap. dubbing eng. subtitles Download
Akiba Girls Episode 2

239MB 0:30:05 uncensored jap. dubbing eng. subtitles Download

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